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just me

getting motivated

i am me.

i also like keeping things simple.

and this is not my regular journal, it's just my weight loss one.


Height 161cm/5'2''
Starting Weight: 92.9kg
Long Term Goal Weight: 60kg
Current Short Term Goal: 67.9kg

I want to do very loose time goals. I won't be too disappointed if I don't make them, but it's nice to have something to work towards.

1. 87.9kg - 5kg loss
2. 82.9kg - 10kg loss

January 20, 2007
3. 77.5kg - BMI of 29.9 (No longer "obese")

4. 72.9kg - 20kg loss
5. 67.9kg - 25kg loss
6. 64.5kg - BMI of 24.9 (No longer "overweight")
7. 62.9kg - 30kg loss
8. 57.9kg - 35kg loss
9. 55kg - GOAL WEIGHT!!

current short term

long term